Recommended Reading

Bold Love

Dan Allender and Tremper Longman have written a book that deals with the topic of love in hard places.  They deal with the different ways of loving a normal sinner, a fool and an evil person.  This book takes sin, repentance and forgiveness seriously.  Highly recommend.


The Peacemaker: A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict

Ken Sande has written a book that has become an industry standard in the field of Christian conciliation theory.  Ken is the former president of Peacemaker Ministries and perhaps the most nationally known advocate of biblical peacemaking in the U. S.  There are many practical sections explaining the “how” of peacemaking that make this book an important one in the library of all aspiring peacemakers.  Recommend.

God and the Victim: Theological Reflections on Evil, Victimization, Justice, and Forgiveness

Lisa Barnes Lampman and Michelle Shattuck have done a masterful job in compiling great articles from experts in the field of justice and forgiveness in painful situaitons involving deep victimization.  This is not a shallow approach.  The book contains contributions from Dan Allender, Carl Henry, L. Gregory Jones, Nicholas Wolsterstorff and Miroslav Volf with a foreward by Charles Colson.  Highly recommend.

Unpacking Forgiveness: Biblical Answers for Complex Questions and Deep Wounds

Chris Brauns book on the topic of forgiveness is the best book I have read to date on the subject.  He unashamedly explains that the Bible teaches conditional, not unconditional, forgiveness, both between God and human beings and with one another interpersonally.  This book stands in stark contrast to the Christian literature that has, for the most part, been highly influenced by the unbiblical notion of therapeutic forgiveness.  Highly recommend.

Making Peace: A Guide to Overcoming Church Conflict

Jim VanYperen has written a great book that differentiates false peace from the true peace offered in the gospel.  He’s not afraid to base the origin of conflict in human sinfulness.  This book is a very valuable contribution to the literature on Christian and church-related conflict.  Highly recommend.

Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be: A Breviary of Sin

Cornelius Plantinga has written a great book that takes an atypical approach to the usual modern approach to the topic of human sinfulness.  He masterfully connects sin with folly and as part of the bigger problem: a lack of original shalom, when all things were as they were supposed to be.  Highly recommend.

Hope in the Face of Conflict: Making Peace with Others the Way God Makes Peace with Us

Kenneth C. Newberger has written a great book based on the premise that we ought to forgive others and be reconciled with them in the same way that we are forgiven and reconciled with God.  This is a very refreshing approach that is quite different from the average evangelical approach today.  Highly recommend.