About Andy


Andy Johnson heads up Restoration Consulting, a group of services provided to the non-profit world of churches and parachurch ministries.  Restoration Consulting provides a full-range of services to the Christian world including: pastoral coaching, pastoral team development, board and leadership development, congregational health assessment and intervention, conflict prevention and resolution services, and related services.  For a full description of our vision and mission and a white paper describing the Need for Restoration, see our landing page at http://www.restoration-consulting.com.  Additional information about Andy is available at www.price-associates.com and at his personal website (www.introvertrevolution.com).

Andy is an executive coach, a consultant, an author, a pastor, a licensed counselor, and a formerly licensed architect.  More than these he’s a Christian, a part of the one body of Christ in heaven and on earth, a husband to his wife of twenty-five plus years and a father of three wonderful daughters and one son-in-law.

The intent of this site is to post and discuss the current state of the Christian community in America at the beginning of the twenty-first century.  You’ll find a wide variety of posts that connect to this broad theme.  I hope you find this content stimulating and look forward to the dialog that I hope it will generate.

You can contact me at:

andy@restoration-consulting.com / andy@price-associates.com


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