God save us from self-justification

Recently finished a great book by two social psychologists looking at the prevalence and power of self-justification.  Mistakes Were Made but Not by Me outlines this destructive aspect of humanity.  It is amazing that any of us is able to overcome this aspect of our fallenness.  I recently spoke to a group of pastors and told them that I thought the biggest impediment to conflict resolution is the refusal on the part of so many professing believers to own their stuff.  Our refusal to “walk in the light” (be honest about who we are and what we have done) remains the biggest barrier to resolving relational breeches between us.  This tendency toward self-justification means that without the power of the Holy Spirit to bring us to a place of honesty, of confession, of agreeing with God concerning the true nature of our state, we are without hope.  Not only will be unable to experience the blessing of reconciliation with those we have offended, but we, like David in the year after the Bathsheba incident, will miss out on a real relationship with God that is not clouded by the barrier of unowned sin.  God help us to be honest, to admit our faults to one another and to experience the healing that only comes from walking in the light.


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